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"How to shortcut years of frustrating and expesive trial and error and start playing like a pro poker player almost overnight!" The ultimate fast-start guide to take you from helpless fish to poker shark as quickley as possible"The Poker Income app can help you increase your poker bankroll by answering these questions:

* What is my hourly rate for playing poker with poker buddies,or should i stick to online poker?
*Should i start a poker journal?
* Am I better at Texas Holdem,Online texas holdem, Black Jack or Omaha? Cash games or tournaments? Limit or No Limit?
* Do I make more money in Casinos or home games? Which casinos?
* Are there more fish on Friday or Saturday?
* Am I better at short handed or full table?
*What is my poker iq,am i be a poker pro...

With Poker Income, you can

* Find the most profitable games, opponents, poker near me
* Improve your skills become a poker king live online texas holdem
* Look at each possible angle of your games
* Track all aspects of cash games and tournaments (game format, stake, location, time, profit, notes etc)
* Sift through all poker logs to find the most profitable game.
* Fully customizable: Texas Holdem, Stud, Omaha, Black Jack, Razz, HORSE and increase your,poker income!

Poker Income will turn small fish into Poker Sharks And Poker Sharks into superstars!

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