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    Make your financial transactions mobile.
    Transfer small amounts to the mobile phone numbers of your friends, purchase digital credit for iTunes, Spotify and games consoles, check your account balances and your most recent account transactions in a quick and uncomplicated manner. With "Scan + Pay" you can enter your inpayment slips directly using your smartphone's camera and approve the invoices immediately. With the digital PostFinance Card, you can now make contactless payments using your smartphone at the checkout.

    Fast service – for when you're on the move and time is of the essence
    To use the fast service functions, all you need to do is link your mobile phone number to your private account once. To do so, you require your PostFinance Card and the yellow card reader. After you have successfully registered, you are requested to define your personal app password. In future, you will only need this password in order to use the following functions:

    Check your account balance and transactions:
    • Call up your balance and the most recent transactions on your payment and savings accounts

    Scan inpayment slips
    • Scan the inpayment slip simply and conveniently with your smartphone’s camera and approve it immediately or later for payment in e-finance.

    Send money:
    • to mobile phone numbers: The respective amount reaches the recipient within minutes, provided he has also registered for the fast service. Individuals who have not registered are sent an SMS with the request to send back their IBAN.
    • to a private account (at PostFinance or any other bank) by entering the account number or IBAN
    • to a private account (at PostFinance or any other bank) by scanning the IBAN QR code
    • Daily limits for money transfers: CHF / EUR / USD 500

    Top up prepaid credit:
    • Works with all popular mobile phone service providers
    • Top-up amount of between CHF 10 and CHF 400

    Purchase electronic vouchers and redeem them directly or send them as gifts:
    • iTunes, Spotify, PlayStation and more (more information at

    Digital PostFinance Card – make contactless payments at the checkout
    Activate your PostFinance Card once in the PostFinance App and make payments conveniently with your smartphone at the checkout. To do so, you need an NFC-enabled smartphone with an operating system of version 4.4 or higher, and must be registered for the fast service.
    How to pay at the checkout:
    • Activate your smartphone screen
    • Hold the smartphone against the contactless payment symbol on the payment terminal
    • Wait until the light starts flashing – the payment has then already been made
    • For amounts over CHF 40, you will be required to enter your PIN at the payment terminal (same PIN as for your PostFinance Card)

    Mobile e-finance – full access with standard login or via Mobile ID
    With Mobile e-finance, you can carry out your financial transactions wherever and whenever you want directly via the app: access all your accounts, transactions, payments, transfers and more. To do so, you require a private account with an e-finance agreement.

    Mobile e-trading and stock exchange – access your securities custody account:
    Call up price information from the world's leading stock exchanges. Access your custody account and trade shares, bonds, derivatives and funds whenever and wherever you want. Business news, prices for the funds offered by PostFinance, a watch list and alarms via SMS and/or e-mail are all included. To make use of these services, you require an e-trading agreement.

    General information on security:
    • Keeping your data secure is our top priority.
    • All payments via the PostFinance Mobile fast service are made up to the defined monthly limit (standard: CHF 250) and may not exceed the available account balance.

    Do you own a tablet? PostFinance also offers an app that has been optimized for the tablet.

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