Proforma Income Statements



Pro forma Income Statement is a financial tool used by enterprises to predict income statement values in an organised way and study the repercussions of revenue and expense variations on the overall future finances.

Pro forma Income Statement app helps your organisation prepare a model for the anticipated results of actions and policies such as a merger, an acquisition, a new capital investment, or a change in capital structure such as incurrence of new debt or issuance of equity on a company’s financial performance.

The app is a cost effective solution for business owners, financial planners, accountants, treasurers or financial controllers of small or mid-tier enterprises to prepare and summarize the estimated income statement values of as many as four years.Thus, the app provides an important framework to predict the companies’ financing needs and prepare requisite solutions for any potential problems.


-Elegant design, simple to use and suitable for creating the predictive income statement for all kinds of businesses.
-The customizable sheet facilitates in preparing a detailed projected breakdown of the revenue, cost of goods sold, operating expenses and net income for the coming years.
-The report sheet simultaneously generates the report of your income statement by populating the corresponding values from Pro forma Income statement sheet so you can mail it easily.

Locally save your statement as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes.
Simply tap e-mail to send the file to your business partners, investors and other stakeholders instantly and get feedback from them. Alternatively, you can email them to yourself.

Get a comprehensive overview of your enterprise’s projected income statement* over a set of years and plan accordingly.

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