Protect My WiFi From Hacking



This app is the best resource for wireless network protection, bank account and credit card security, computer security tips & training, cyber crime statistics, identity theft prevention and more.

Our app also displays currently vulnerable WiFi networks overlayed on top of Google Maps for several major cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and San Diego.

The purpose of this app is to raise IT security awareness.

Currently, after scanning over 850,000 vulnerable wireless networks, we have found that 95% can be hacked into using one of five wireless network attacks. These attacks have been published now for over a year, yet hundreds of millions of people are still vulnerable to these attacks, and worst of all, they don't even know it.

In 2005 TJ Maxx got hacked and lost 100 million stolen credit cards to hackers. "60 Minutes" even did a special on this wireless network attack and how it was done. Not only do we scan for this particular attack which 30% of people are still vulnerable to, but we also scan for four other common wireless network attacks.

Knowledge is power, don't give criminals the jump on you.

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