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QPI Mobile

update 2017-02-20:
1. Update resolutions display for certain mobile

update 2017-02-03:
1. Add and Enhance SZ-HK Connect rankings

update 2016-12-07:
1. A-shares can be added in Watch List
2. Add SZSE indices

update 2016-11-18:
1. Eliminate duplicated stocks input in Watch List
2. Enhance the sorting symbols in Watch List

update 2016-07-26:
1. Enhancement for CAS

update 2014-11-18:
1. Enhanced Bid/Ask queues to 10 market depths
2. Optional Stock Connect service is now available

update 2014-03-04:
1. increase the length of Quantity field in “Portfolio”

update 2013-11-18:
1. Unified data field names with all QPI products

update 2013-11-01:
1. Rectify the categories and functions included in the futures service

update 2013-05-13:
1. Modified the display of the charts in Futures

update 2013-05-07:
1. Add “Remarks” for the T+1 pages

update 2013-05-06:
1. T+1 Futures data added (for HKF service subscribers only)

update 2013-04-10:
1. Enhanced the system performance and some interface features

update 2013-03-21:
1. Enhance performance in Exceptional Movement

update 2013-01-30:
1. Enhanced “Watch List” overall performance
2. Improve performance of “% Vol Change” in Exceptional Mov. Section

update 2013-01-22:
1. Enhanced the update of "P. Day Vol. High" and "52w Vol. High"

update 2013-01-14:
1. fixed HK and Taiwan currency update in forex page issues
2. fixed CBBC call price and gearing data update issue

update 2013-01-11:
1. Fix the IPO Offer Price issue
2. Click a stock listed on Industry Comparison page will go to its Stock Quote page

update 2012-12-28:
1. Fixed cannot display decimal places problem of Price Alert

update 2012-12-20:
1. Fixed up/down display of HK Futures
2. add chart for HK Futrues

Major upgrades include:

1. Easy-to-Use interface: better navigation which allows you to access to market data and news easily

2. Teletext news alert: displays any top market news or reports break into the market

3. Bid/Ask queues and transaction log

4. A+H Shares: compares prices of stocks co-listed in Hong Kong and China and help you identify opportunities for arbitrage

5. HK Futures and Options with market depth information

6. Market Gauge: display the trend of the HK stock market and the sectors

7. Corporate Actions: show information as stock splits, acquisitions, capital dividends and return of capital

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