Recession Survival Guide



Why You Shouldn't Worry About Economic Recessions
If there's one thing that can be said to symbolize today's society, it is the expectation of instant gratification. We want what we want, and we want it now. We have cars that drive over two hundred miles per hour, jets that break the sound barrier and rockets that go into outer space. We are constantly expanding our horizons, stretching our capabilities beyond the bounds of human comprehension, and pushing into unknown territory with each breath we take.
It's never occurred to us that we're not intended to do most of the things we do in the name of progress. If you had asked our ancestors two hundred years ago if we would ever go into space, they would have told you that if God had intended for us to fly he'd have given us wings. Yet here we are. We've accomplished the impossible, and rather than being satisfied with that we push ourselves harder to accomplish the impossible faster and more spectacularly than ever before.
Fast food, microwaves, mail order videos and payday loans have encouraged us to think as far ahead as the next forty eight hours when it comes to our goals and expectations. We're lured, tempted and taunted by promises of overnight riches on the Internet with almost no work at all, and we've long since lost our appreciation for the toil and frustration of hard labor in favor of replaced those outdated methods of getting things done with updated technology that can accomplish the same thing in half the amount of time.
We live in a now society, which is why economic recessions are so difficult for us to accept. If we have a limited amount of capital coming and going, and a limited amount of growth happening in industries all across the world, we can't accomplish our goals in a short amount of time. We might even have to set those goals aside in favor of meeting our short term needs, such as keeping food on the table, or the long term, like building our retirement savings. Without booming enterprise we can't live the American dream and start our own business, because we need to provide our family with the security that the daily grind provides-and with millions of people across the country getting laid off every day, we're just happy to have a job.
What many people fail to understand is that economic recession is simply a normal part of the regular cycle of the business world. Although some recessions are more dramatic than others, the bottom line is that economic recessions happen regularly. If we didn't have economic recessions from time to time to the business world would be in trouble. Economic recessions:
- Cull out businesses that aren't going to survive the long haul. If you look at any guide to surviving an economic recession they'll tell you that the most important thing to do is to either work for or run a company that's going to continue to thrive even in the face of economic recession. Apple, IBM and Microsoft aren't going anywhere, no matter how ugly the recession gets. Companies that provide basic needs like electric and food will always be in demand, because they have a product that is always going to have a need.