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Retirement Planner helps you determine how much money you will need for your retirement to maintain the current lifestyle post retirement. You can give the Current Age, Retirement Age, Current Monthly Expenses, Inflation, rate of returns on your investments before retirement and rate of returns on your investments after retirement.

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- Retirement Details Table with Investment required before retirement and Inflation adjusted Retirement Income after retirement.
- Fields for Current Age, Retirement Age, Life Expectancy, Monthly Expenses, Inflation, Rate of Return on investment Before Retirement & After Retirement, Years to Retire, Yearly Expenses at retirement, Retirement Corpus, Monthly Investment
- Settings for Default Values - Currency Symbol, Rate of Return, Inflation, Retirement Age, Monthly Expenses & Reload Last Values


Age (Years) : 30
Retirement Age (Years) : 58
Monthly Expenses : 30,000
Inflation (%) : 7
Rate of Return (%) on investment Before Retirement : 15
Rate of Return (%) on investment After Retirement : 10

Year to Retire : 28
Monthly Expenses at retirement : 199,465
Yearly Expenses at retirement : 2,393,582
Retirement Corpus : 39,998,159
Monthly Investment : 7,719

Suppose you are 30 years old who wants to retire at 58 and expect to live till 80.
If your current Monthly Household Expenses (excluding expenses which will not be part of it post Retirement e.g. EMI, Insurance Premium, Education Expenses etc) are 30000,
You expect inflation to be around 7% for next 28 years,
You expect 15% return on your investments before retirement and
During retirement you expect that your investments will return 10%.

So Number of Years left for your retirement are 28 years and at retirement you will require a retirement corpus of 39,998,159 for which I need to save 7,719 per month.

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