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The software HELPVALE Sales Force (sales order, quote strip out inventory, outside sales), was developed to meet the needs of issuing external requests, based on a solid and objective record through an external file excel .

You realize the mobile application, and sends it to your e-mail in PDF format.

To send request by email in PDF format you need to account for GMAIL email or e-mail similar.

Below lists some system functions:

- Issuance of orders with option to locate the customer, by name, neighborhood, city and state.
- See the customer data before starting the new application, thus confirming the information.
- The option details, you can refer to the last client requests.
- No limit on products at the time of sale.
- Filter by product category.
- Know the total cost of the product at the time of sale.
- Select the payment method available to the customer (cash, ticket 14 days, billet 21 days, according to your registration).
- Select a delivery method (carrier).
- Provide discount at the time of sale.
- Consultation of customers and products.
- View order history (per customer).
- Create a goal by day, week and month and be able to monitor their sales performance by the main screen.
- Low inventory product, avoiding making sales without stock.

Most common questions:

a) Can I use the system on a test in my company?
Yes, and even use the same import file excel, thus allowing everyone to have the same record

b) I want to have as many gadgets?
Yes, just download and install on your phone ..

c) What is difference of free and paid version?
The paid version allows for reports, charts, GPS map and more.

d) The need to have mobile internet to use?
Yes, to sync applications, sending to the registered e-mail requests made.

e) What format excel file to import?
You can download the file in / CONVEX.xls
After downloading the file, you can insert your products, customers, categories, etc., in this file and it should be copied to the root of your memory card.

f) Can I register manually in the phone too?
Yes, you can use the second option, manually enter or import the excel file.

g) How does the program, explain better.
The system allows companies and sales professionals achieve their sales by phone, and send the request directly to your e-mail in PDF format, making its service more reliable, organized and elegant, conveying feeling ability to service your customer.
You register your products, customers, etc., in an excel file, copy it to the memory card and import or enter directly into the program.
Very simple and quick procedure.

h) You must use your system cost?
No, the free version has no cost.
The difference between the free and paid version are graphical reports etc..

i) I need to have a computer to use in ERP?
No need, because the whole system is managed by the cell.
If you choose to use ERP and database online, we offer the solution.

Take the test and see how simple it is to use and professional results.

For questions, please contact technical support on site

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