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    The SERVIS 24 application is available free of charge in the Czech and English versions.

    • Searching for Česká spořitelna branches and ATMs. The address and opening hours are provided for each point of interest. You can search either for the closest branch/ATM or by entering a text chain. The application offers navigation to the selected point of interest.
    • Contacts:
    Česká spořitelna and card blocking info line (+420 956 777 901)
    SERVIS 24 line (+420 956 777 956)

    • Device sharing by multiple users.
    • Displaying the account balance.
    • Payments to the accounts of all banks in the Czech Republic. Payments may be entered as new, from the list of payees, by repeating a transaction history item or using QR code.
    • Scanning of postal orders. This unique service allows for an expedite payment of postal orders “A”. After the postal order is scanned, the application recognises the printed amount and bank details and fills in these details directly into the payment order.
    • International payments in EUR.
    • Online acquiring of a loan, overdraft loan or credit card by clients with pre-approved loan limit.
    • Securing your accounts via the daily limit for transferred amounts.
    • Change of payment card limits, lost card blocking and new card ordering. Unblocking of a found card.
    • Confirmation of entered payments sent to the email or generation of a template for future use.
    • Synchronisation of payee list with Internetbanking.
    • Searching the transaction history. You may filter payments by the entry date or by their type (incoming, outgoing, all).
    • Charging of pre-paid SIM cards.
    • Blocking the application in Internetbanking via the SERVIS 24 line (+420 956 777 956) or by treble incorrect entry of the Mobile Bank password.

    Should you need to contact us, please call +420 956 777 956 or write to us at

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