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Divvying up shared bills among your friends or flatmates can mark a dreary end your holiday together--or to any ordinary month as a renter. What portion of the rent and water, electric, and internet bills does someone owe if they moved in mid-month? How much of the car rental, vacation house, or hotel bills are each of you responsible for, if not everyone used these resources equally? Shared Bills offers to take the stress and confusion out of these calculations by showing who owes what in three easy, transparent steps:

1. Add your friends to Share Bills, establishing their entry and departure dates for the billing period
2. Enter the invoice amounts to Share Bills assigning import and billing start and end dates
3. Run a new calculation, associating friends and bills.

As a result of the calculation, the amount corresponding to each person is showed for the total of the bills. For each person, the amount owed is proportionate to the days of usage attributable to that person.

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