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    With SmartIDPay, scan your inpayment slips quickly in order to make your payments easily on the E-Banking of your choice.


    « Excellent ! A very useful to save time and avoid input mistakes. » A Google Play user
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    By using Smart ID Pay, scanning the payment information (reference number, account, amount) is done instantly on your smartphone. You’ll just need to transfer payments to your regular e-banking solution.

    ★ Supports all inpayment slips red (IS) and orange (ISR)
    ★ Uses the best OCR reader (reference number) on the market
    ★ Manages your pending bills and multiple accounts
    ★ Compatible with all E-Banking and PostFinance solution
    ★ No software installation is required on your computer (only an e-mail address)

    Need to see ? Test the application for free today !

    Free evaluation version of SmartID Pay can test each export option. The selection is limited to one inpayment slip and sending is only possible once a day. Once you’re satisfied, you can purchase the « Unlimited » option for the price of a chocolate croissant (CHF 2.-). Much cheaper than a PayPen stylus !

    Using the exported data, it is possible to process your payments with your Ebanking (DTA) or your PostFinance (OPAE)

    All banking and postal solutions are supported :
    → UBS
    → Crédit Suisse
    → Raiffeisen
    → Postfinance
    → Banque Coop
    → Banque Migros
    → Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise (BCN)
    → Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
    → Banque Cantonale de Fribourg (BCF)
    → Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE)
    → Banque Cantonale du Jura Porrentruy (BCJ)
    → Banque Cantonale du Valais (BCVS)
    → Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB)
    → Appenzeller Kantonalbank (APPKB)
    → Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)
    → Basler Kantonalbank (BKB)
    → Banque Cantonale de Bern / Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB / BCBE)
    → Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB)
    → Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB)
    → Luzerner Kantonalbank (LUKB)
    → Nidwaldner Kantonalbank (NKB)
    → Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OWKB)
    → Schaffhauser Kantonalbank (SHKB)
    → Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB)
    → St. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB)
    → Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB)
    → Urner Kantonalbank (URKB)
    → Zuger Kantonalbank (ZugerKB)
    → Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB)
    → Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino
    → Etc.

    - The application needs your IBAN only to generate the payment files that you can import into your E-Banking / PostFinance solution.
    - The application does not provide any information to anyone (in fact it does not require permission to access the Internet)

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