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Deliver global real-time, streaming stock quotes, market data, business and finance news.
Build and customize your own portfolio to track your positions, synchronize with your Google portfolios.
Easy to manage and track your finances at anytime and anywhere.

* Add your favorite stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs to your personal portfolio
* Get real-time stock quotes, charts, detailed company profiles, finance data, key statistics and more
* Push the latest news on companies in your watchlist and on key events in the business world
* Automatically sync your portfolio with Google Finance, quick access to the stocks you care about at anywhere
* Track major markets from around the world, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific

What people are saying:
"Best stock app! Clean, no annoying ads. Finds every stock with ease entering ticker or name of company. I like the simplicity of the not too busy black background. I use this everyday to track stock prices" - David Y
"Best of breed - 10 stars! My absolute favorite on-the-go app to follow the market at a glance during the day. Readability is good, quick on phone and tablet. Get it. App is regularly updated; queries quickly answered. Developer very responsive to constructive suggestions. No financial relationship with developers, just a happy user. Did I say get it?" - Thomas S

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