Survey Banking and Web 3.0



Survey of the
Chair for Electronic Commerce and Bonpago GmbH
about an innovative service for sustained increase of the use and turnover potentials of private customers using the financial service providing sector as an example.

Many of you use social networks such as XING, Facebook or wer-kennt-wen. Use of these networks and deployment of new technologies such as chats or video conferences can be utilised, e. g. by financial service providers, to offer customer-centred services with the aid of an active web community as “Service Community” comprising private and corporate customers (as well as their partners and clients). Within this Service Community, for example, corporate customers of the bank (e. g. building contractors, tax consultants) could be linked with private customers who plan to build or buy a house (or pursue one of the other 3,154 aims in life).
One of the future concepts can be that of a customer-centred bank offering highly transparent products and processes via various communication channels within an independent Service Community.
We would appreciate your participation in our survey which will take about 15-20 minutes. The aim is to evaluate the extended use potential of existing customer contacts as social service networks (e. g. of a bank or other enterprises) from different locations (home banking, self-service bank stations, other self-service stations such as in offices of tax consultants, at the airport), even 24 hours a day with personal consulting, as “Service Community” among private and corporate customers.

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