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Send money like never before
Application Tatra banka VIAMO allows you to send money via cell phone directly on Slovak phone number of your friend. You can also pay for goods or services at selected merchants. It is a new way of sending money, which is fast, simple and safe. In the
application you enter receiver’s phone number, amount of money and confirm the payment by four-digit PIN code. Receiver gets instant message about your payment. A standard bank transfer runs in the background what means money goes directly from your account to the receiver’s account.
If a receiver is registered in VIAMO service, money is automatically transferred to his/her account. If a receiver is not registered, he/she can collect money on www.viamo.sk portal. Receiver can have a bank account in any bank in Slovakia. You can select VIAMO merchant directly in the application or you can scan special VIAMO QR code which contains payment details to pay for goods and services to VIAMO merchant.
Benefits of VIAMO service:
- Sending money to your friends, or chosen merchants is as easy as sending a text message
- Transactions via VIAMO are as safe as any other bank transfers
- It is not needed to know bank account number or bank of receiver
- Amount of transactions is liable to the limits which you can find on www.tatrabanka.sk
- VIAMO is free of charge
How does VIAMO work?
Tatra banka VIAMO application is intended for Tatra banka clients who use Android Phone or Tablet. Application requires Android 2.3 version or higher. You can use the application if you have a Tatra banka account and active internet banking in Tatra banka. You just need to create a profile on www.viamo.sk portal and activate your application. To activate the application an activation code is needed. You get it on www.viamo.sk. For payment approval only a four-digit PIN code is required.
Available functionality:
- Sending money to a mobile phone number
- Accepting money
- Transaction overview (including repeated payments and adding to contacts)
- Business payments

You can find all settings and answers to your questions on www.viamo.sk.

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