This mobile application is for clients to estimate or budget their audit fee (for Private Limited companies), reminder to submit all necessary forms with Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) based on type of business or income and year ended of your accounts and this is also a tools for young accountants or future accountants and business persons to learn what is accounts and how to do your taxation. What you have to do is just fill in the forms then choose what do you want to do? Either to calculate audit fee or reminder regarding IRB or CCM. For education, we have fan wall for you to read FAQ or to put your questions regarding accounts and tax. We make sure our answers do not have accounting jargon. We also will recommend the best and suitable accounting software for your business. For onsite training we have facilities for user to choose topic, date and time in our event list. Just choose topic, date and time submit with payment. This is the best tools for secondary student until new accounts staff.

Tags: mobile application layout