Team Budget



Team Budget is an app for groups and teams with shared budget. Whether you are a group of friends on a trip, flatmates or even a music band, Team Budget will keep track of all the expenses will help settle up debts.

One of you paid for the lunch? Enter the amounts and forget about it. Someone received a payment for merchandise? Not a problem, Team Budget will split it among everyone or whoever is eligible for payment.

Amount of debts is optimized so it's really easy to settle and converting to single currency simplifies the process even further.

Works fully offline, no sign ups, and no ads -- it won't eat you roaming data traffic.

-Phonebook contacts
-Group expenses and income
-Internal payments among team members
-Summary of who owes who
-Converting to a single currency*
-Updated currency rates (requires internet connection)*
-Password protection*
-Multiple teams*
-Works offline and no ads

*Pro features are available after in-app purchase

The app may occasionally show informational or promotional messages in status bar.

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