The Expense Tracker



This application is the companion app to the website and allows you to update your account from your mobile device.

The Expense Tracker is the leader in providing a real-time, simple way to track every penny. It has been featured on ABC4, Fox News, CBS, ZDNet, and ESPN Radio.
The Expense Tracker, a fun and ridiculously easy-to-use money tracking system, can be your secret to enjoying more financial freedom than you ever thought possible. The truth is that you must track your spending in order to control it – a fact proven by nearly all self-made millionaires.

The Expense Tracker APP has 6 unique features to help you succeed:
1. The Expense Tracker app makes it simple to log expenses and get balance updates, instantly
2. Tracks all receipts by simply taking a picture of the receipt and logging it to a category
3. Tracks all mileage via the GPS on your phone.
4. Access to exclusive video's by Tax professionals in helping maximize our members current income
5. Social media connections
6. Instant notification of events, content, and updates

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