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Would you like to know what you have earned this month or rather what you deserve to earn? Then this timesheet app is something for you! Keep track of your worked hours with the simple check-in check-out system. The only thing you have to do is click on start when you start your workday and when it ends simply check out with the stop button. Multiple jobs and/or projects are supported to keep track of your hours with timesheet. With the month overview you can look what you have earned per month with all jobs and/or projects. While the period overview is attached to one job or project and can be customised by the user with this timesheet app. Of course at the end of your work month you can easily export your timesheet to your mail or SD card. This way you can get the overview on your computer for your archive/finances. You can also use it to create invoices. This timesheet app makes keeping track of your worked hours a lot more easy. Whether you work as a freelancer, in a supermarket, shop, or other jobs, with this timesheet app you can keep it clear what you've earned this month or period with your job or project. Do you have tips or having trouble keeping track of your worked hours? Please contact me by mail!

✔ with only 2 presses easily check-in and check-out of your workday with timesheet.
✔ Easily look up your hours in timesheet, per month,per job or project.
✔ Add & modify workdays manually in timesheet with lots of detail.
✔ Add periods per job or project, this way you can track what you have earned an how much you have worked this period with timesheet.
✔ Keeping track of multiple job or projects in timesheet.
✔ Export your timesheet overview per job and or project with timesheet.

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