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Become a restaurant service critic! Tip Top is an advanced tip calculator that helps you review your server's performance and calculate a proper tip based on your review. The easy-to- use review model is based on three performance ratings: Attitude, Attentiveness, and Accuracy. It will save you a lot of time and hassle! Plus, it is great for groups that can't agree on a tip. Plus, you can now post your Tip Top review to Facebook so that your friends can share in the experience!

The tip calculator screen includes all basic functionality such as inputting your own tip percentage and check amount to calculate the dollar tip and total amount owed. Also, the tip calculator allows for splitting the check, rounding the tip, rounding the tip up, rounding the total amount, and rounding the total amount up. Everything you expect from your tip calculator!

Tip Top works best at traditional restaurants with servers. Remember, it is still the responsibility of the patron to evaluate a proper tip for every situation.

We would like to make this application the best tip calculator on the Android Market. Write your comments or email us idea's for improvement. Tell us in your comments if you agree with our rating system! If we agree with your ideas, we will include it in Tip Top!

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