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The TipCalc Android app lets you quickly determine the gratuity you want to pay for your dining experience. TipCalc is easy to use and understand. Best of all, TipCalc is free!


1. Enter the bill amount and tip percentage, and TipCalc automatically calculates the rest for you.

2. Adjust any value, and TipCalc automatically recalculates the tip amount and any other dependent values.

2. The increment and decrement buttons allow you to easily adjust the most modified values.

3. TipCalc lets you split the bill between you and your party. If necessary, the tip amount is adjusted to ensure an even split for everyone.

4. Enter the local tax rate, and Tax Mode reverse calculates the pre-tax bill amount, then calculates the tip on the pre-tax bill amount to save you money while still being fair to your waitperson.

5. For your convenience, TipCalc remembers your last tip percentage, tax mode and tax rate to save you time the next time you dine out.

6. TipCalc occupies a small footprint on your phone's memory.

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