Trakinvest is a virtual trading platform which lets you check stock prices in 5 global markets, buy and sell stocks using your virtual portfolio and follow top traders on the network.

The platform integrates Global Equities trading along with social media providing users both quantitative and qualitative data. While financial data provided will be standard, the technology created will allow users to also analyze and value stocks based on relevant news feeds, research, Twitter and synthesized data from other relevant social media platforms across the entire World Wide Web.

The Trakinvest model is based on three broad themes, Learn, Share and Earn.

Learn :
Our portal provides you with contextualized information based on your query
including news, twitter feeds, related stocks. We also provide you a proprietary
stock scoring system and detailed reports that are updated on a weekly basis for over 12,000+ companies in partnership with Reuters. One of the key items I would like to highlight is that Ti Portal gives you access in English to detailed analytical reports to approximately 2200 companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Trakinvest provides its user base a simple and unique platform to communicate
and share trading activity on a real time basis. Ti’s algorithm generates “friends
suggestions” of individuals who are leading performers based on the users' queried stock, its sector, and market. The users can choose to follow or “Trak” suggested top performers and opt to replicate all or part of the observed trading activity.

Top performers get the benefit of attaining leaderboard status and earning fees when people follow them. Also, the users have the ability to participate in monthly competitions. The users have the ability to not only win cash and sponsored prizes, but more importantly internships and job opportunities. We currently have 50 sponsored internships that will be offered to the "students" based on performance and results.

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