Veri-Swipe Fraud Detector



Introducing Veri-Swipe: The most advanced fraud detection yet.

If you’re not checking your bank statements often, you may find out the hard way that fraudsters have snuck unwanted charges onto your card without you knowing it.

Only 35% of transactional card fraud is caught. The rest is up to you.

That’s where we come in.

Veri-Swipe monitors your card accounts for fraud by analyzing your:

- Cell phone location
- Transaction location
- Purchase history
- Transaction amounts

Our daily analysis has essentially automated the critical task of checking your monthly bank statements for fraud, saving you time and helping defend your money.

Once your account is fully activated, you can use our Veri-Swipe Android app to:

- View your transactions
- Receive and view your alerts
- Change your notification settings

Activate your Veri-Swipe Fraud Detector today!