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Wallet Master is a light-weight, easy-to-use, on-the-go app that helps you limit and monitor your out-of-the-pocket spending. Ever wonder where all of your money is going? Trying to save some money, but having little success with keeping yourself accountable? Wallet Master is here to help you control your spending and master your wallet!

How it works: When you run the app for the first time, you will be asked to enter a budget amount and choose a budget cycle (weekly or monthly). This budget should be the target amount of how much you would like to limit your spending per week (or month). Whenever you spend money, enter the spending amount into the app and the app will tell you how much budget you have remaining for that week/month. Every new cycle (depending on which mode you choose), you will start with a new budget, and anything unspent or overspent will be rolled over.

Wallet Master also keeps track of your spending categories. When you enter a spending, you can also enter the expense category. The app will store the information, calculate statistics based on the category, and show you in what categories you spend most of your money. Not sure where to stop spending so much? This tool can help you see exactly where you need to cut down on.

By design, Wallet Master is intended to help you keep track of flexible, day-to-day spending (such as buying clothes, new gadgets or toys, food, etc), as opposed to regular, fixed expenses (such as car payments, mortgage, utility bills, etc). Generally speaking, this app is designed to help you monitor and control what goes in and out of your wallet.

Wallet Master Features:
- Keep track of your weekly or monthly spending with the simple, easy-to-use user interface!
- Record your new spending on-the-go with just a few clicks (or touches) and categorize them with fully customizable user-defined categories!
- See how much you can save up using the rollover system!
- View graph showing how much money you spent or saved up over time!
- View statistics of your spending, and how much you spend on each category each week or month!

... and more coming soon!

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