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Wallet Brain is designed for maximizing rewards from credit card spending. Various credit cards provide different cash back or reward rates on different categories. Moreover, the reward programs of some credit cards change over time.

Wallet Brain not only eliminates the hassle of remembering reward programs of all credit cards you have, but also helps you maximize rewards on every dollar you spend by sorting the reward rates of your credit cards on the category you will spend money. The Internet connection is required since we let you have the updated information of cash back reward programs. In addition, the interface is very friendly and easy to use. The important features are as follows:

- Cloud-Based Engine: it helps you keep track of quarterly reward programs of credit cards that change over time.

- Intuitive Visualization: it makes easy to select and recognize your credit cards.

- Maximizing Rewards: it automatically orders cash back rates per category.

Quick Start:
- To navigate the card list, please press ‘’My cards” bottom. The card list is rollable and alphabetically ordered.

- To select cards, just press the cards you own. Then the selected ones will become green.

- Press “Categories” to enter the categories interface in which you can get the reward rate comparison among your cards by selecting one category.

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