WealthMagik is a set of tool employed to keep track of all mutual funds’ information in Thailand
including their net asset values, subscription and redemption prices, as well as historical returns of each fund, and IPO of new funds so that investors can elevate their effectiveness on fund trading decision makings. The system offers the following features:

- My IOS (Investment Objective Setting) : know your risk level and simple suitable asset allocation

- My Plan (Financial Planner) : know your goal and plan your way to achieve them

- My SimPort : Simulate or collect all of your mutual funds portfolios for consolidations and easy managing

- My WatchList :Track your favorite funds and set conditions for alerting

- My Trade : Trade with WealthMagik which have many fundhouses via only 1 username

- WealthMagik Ranking
- Top Returns : Top 10 Past Return Mutual funds classify by fund type
- Top Charts : Top 10 Mutual funds that still in Top Return continuously classify by fund type
- Top Clicks :Top 10 Mutual funds that WealthMagik community attending

- Fund Information : More informations about mutual funds such as policy, performance, risk, fee and etc.

- Fund Performance : Sort by your time period's return performance to choosing yours

- Fund Screener : Filter mutual funds by your conditions and comparing to find the better

- DCA Simulator : Simulate 'Dollar Cost Average' on your mutual fund and method to find its past return

- Fund IPO : New funds' initial public offering

- MagikPoints

- Special Deposit Rates

This App has been granted the Pradeo Security Verified “Trustmark” which means that it has been subjected to analysis by Pradeo’s AuditMyApps “Trust Revealing” engine. The audit has determined that the App has no Privacy, Financial Losses or Security problems so you can be sure that this App is completely safe to use.
The “Trust Revealing” engine undertakes both partial and subjective detection of behaviours actually asked by the Apps prior to download (Reputation) and a complete and objective analysis of what the App actually does whether they are declared or hidden (Reveal & Correlate). At this stage does not have any competition on its Reveal & Correlate approach.
Pradeo’s “Trust Revealing” engine is the subject of two worldwide patents and is the first (and still the only) solution to be able to analyse Apps behavior.
WMSL is the first organization in Thailand to be granted the Pradeo Security Verified “trustmark”.

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