Worthy? is the app that helps you saving money!

When you go for shopping Worthy? tells you whatever products can be cheaper than other ones even same brand with different package measures or different brands.

For example, you go to the mall to buy perfume and see the price of the 3.6oz perfume you like, and it costs $35.8. Then you check a smaller version of 1.3oz that cost $13.95.

When you see this you are not sure which one to take home. If they are same brand they should cost the same, but this does not really happens. In the example, it is worthy to get the 3.6oz perfume. However if the smaller version had cost $11.75, it would be worthy to take three of those and you would pay less than the bigger version.

Worthy shows to you the small, or for some, big difference between products prices and its sizes.
So it calculates which one is cheaper and shows to you on screen. Eventually you can take home the one is worth or the cheapest.

Worthy? is available for 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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