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Unlike most money transfer services, Xoom supports money sending to a ton of countries

  • Very easy to register
  • Intuitive, clean, and organized UI
  • Supports many countries
  • Sometimes costly to send money

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"Send money quickly and easily"


Xoom Money Transfer, a Paypal service, wants to make it incredibly easy to send money from the U.S. to your friends and family members who happen to be living abroad, like in Latin America, India, the Philippines, China, and a whole lot of other countries. Right after signing up with your e-mail account, you’ll be taking to the main screen, where you’ll scroll down to select your country. For most countries, you’ll see how much money you can send along with the fee. From there, you’ll just tap on the large blue button at the bottom and send your money.


Signing up is incredibly easy to do, with you receiving your confirmation e-mail in a matter of minutes. The interface is also very clean, organized, and very, very intuitive. This app won’t charge you a lot of fees for smaller amounts, and there is support for a lot of countries.


Be careful when sending a lot of money and paying with your credit card or debit card, as there’s an incredibly high cost to do so.

Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Jul 29, 2016

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