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******** To be used only on Android 7'' tablets **********
***Only for the following devices:- Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle, HTC Flyer, Nook Color, eNTourage eDge and Toshiba Folio

Stay informed on what assets you own, what liabilities you owe and your financial net worth today. This simple app developed for 7 inch tablet , 1024 * 600 (Amazon Kindle, HTC Flyer, Nook Color, Samsung Galaxy Tab, eNTourage eDge, Toshiba Folio) lets you enter the current values of your assets and liabilities including but not limited to cash and cash equivalents, investments, real estate, vehicles, retirement fund, loans, credit card balances, mortgages, unpaid taxes and outstanding debt. You are also able to graphically visualize the respective contributions of the different kinds of assets to the total assets you own, and how your net worth changes with addition of assets and liabilities. The app keeps a history of your net worth, so you can see and keep a track of your financial progress over time. Names for different types of assets and liabilities can be changed as per the requirements. If you're a client, who wants to discuss and send the information on your assets and liabilities to a financial advisor or a relationship manager, Your Worth is an easy to use app for you. You can locally save, email and print the financial net worth calculations for yourself. Understanding and improving your financial net worth has never been easier.

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