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    You have alcohol, some beverages and fruits and wonder what cocktails you can make? My Bar is for you. Just choose what ingredients you have and My Bar will show you a list of all cocktails you can enjoy and offer to your friends.

    Check out the screenshots! Features:

    ★ BROWSE ALL COCKTAILS ★ just a list of all cocktails available. Do you really care about 9000 cocktails other applications offer? Most of them you probably won't like. We include only carefully chosen and most popular cocktails. The cocktails you can make are highlighted, you know that you can make it. For other cocktails missing ingredients are listed.

    ★ MY BAR ★ all your ingredients in one place. For each one, quickly see what cocktails you can make with that particular ingredients.

    ★ MY COCKTAILS ★ all cocktails you can make using only ingredients you have. Below that list - cocktails that you almost can make, missing one or two ingredient. You can easily see what exactly you need to add to your bar shelf to expand a list of your cocktails.

    ★ CUSTOM COCKTAILS AND INGREDIENTS ★ Create your own unique cocktails and add new ingredients.

    ★ FAVORITE COCKTAILS ★ Manage your favorite cocktails and have them quickly accessible in a separate tab.

    ★ MANAGE BAR ★ choose what ingredients are on your bar shelf, see how many cocktails are available with particular ingredient.

    ★ BROWSE BY CATEGORY ★ Select a category to see only IBA official cocktails or shooters etc. For ingredient list select a category to see only strong alcohol, beveragers etc.

    ★ COCKTAIL DETAILS ★ Description, detailed recipe with variations and a list of needed ingredients including garnish.

    ★ INGREDIENT DETAILS ★ Browse all cocktails with Tequila, for example, quickly see which of these cocktails you can make right now.

    ★ SEARCH ★ Quick cocktail and ingredient search option.

    ★ If you cannot find a cocktail you love, tell us! We will update our cocktail database regularly.

    ★ Having problems with application? Want a feature we don't have? Contact us at and we will try to help.

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    Duncan Ledingham

    by Duncan Ledingham

    May 25, 2017  |  "Great"

    Really helpful, however it would be amazing for the app to sync with Android watches for quick access to favourite items or cocktails to touch and see ingredients within.. My watch is SmartWatch 3 by Sony (SWR50) Would for sure rate 5stars then. Keep up the good work.



    Apr 09, 2017  |  "OK"

    Sad "Bar" IMO, the lists of ingredients, liquors, etc is so small it's ridicules. I bought a "Bar App" so I could get cocktail ideas from it, not create my own. Sigh.. no idea how they got a 4.7. Don't waste your money

    Olly Keeling

    by Olly Keeling

    Apr 06, 2017  |  "Good"

    It's got potential but is missing things. No ability to modify the units list to add things like "measure". It would be useful to have the ingredients nested: Cognac > Remmy Martin, this allows you to have multiple different cognacs for example in your ingredients which are then recognised when Cognac is needed.

    neil hamilton

    by neil hamilton

    Mar 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Overall this app is fantastic! Minor drawbacks are references to drinks in ingredient descriptions that are not in the app and not a larger variety of ingredients or specific types of them. However, the app is very well put together and the ability to add ingredients and recipies easily is a huge selling point to the app. It would be nice to see updates that add recipies and such in the future so the constant need to add custom things to the app is minimized but as said before the app is absolutely great as is.

    Tom Land

    by Tom Land

    Feb 17, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Good and quick for basic drinks. Still works after you've had a few.

    John Galbraith

    by John Galbraith

    Feb 13, 2017  |  "Good"

    I use this app a lot. I am only marginally interested in the simple recipes the app ships with, so at least half of my ingredients and half of my recipes are custom entered by hand, usually from a recipe discovered on the web somewhere. That is OK, and the customization is what makes the software useful to me. My main gripe is the app is completely unaware of the cloud. I am not aware that is it backing up my data. I can definitely not sync my recipes with my computer or any other device. I assume that when my current tablet dies, I will lose all my data associated with this app. There is no web interface for bulk editing recipes on a real computer - how could it, without any cloud presence at all? Share recipes with someone else? Nope. Print? Nope. Download in CSV or any readable format? Not that I know about. For cooking, I use a similar but much more powerful app called Pepperplate. I wish I could use Pepperplate for cocktails too, mostly for the cloud and web integration features. But Pepperplate is clearly specialized for cooking; My Bar Pro is definitely easier to use for cocktails specifically.