My Wine Journal



- What was the name of that wine again?

This app will help you to remember.
A few characters of the wine's name may be enough.
Or even more simple, take a snapshot of the wines label.

It will allow you to, with as little effort as possible, build your own collection of the wines you love.

It’s up to you to decide how much effort you want to put in to your collection. If you think it’s enough to save the name of the wine or just a picture of the wine label, then that’s all you need to do. Or if you want to take it a bit further and save all the information you can find about the wine, vintage, producer, roughness, amount in stock etc., then that’s possible too. You can give up to 23 properties to a wine.

Since it can be a bit tricky to type text in to a mobile phone, most input-fields contains input-help. It is often enough with just two letters to give you suggestions of for example wine names or grapes.
The feature you are likely to appreciate the most is the one which enables you to photograph the wine label. A picture is the ultimate support for our memory.

Through a "top 10" feature, you can build a list of your favorite wines.
The list, you can easily email to your friends from within the app.

You can also give someone a tip of a wine that you like to a friend
via an email from within the app.

More features:
- Choose to only see a certain type of wine, such as Red.
- Sort the wines that appear on the date, name, rating or price.
- A general notebook and a notebook for all wines.
- Backup/restore of data and images, so you can restore the data/pictures if something has gone wrong.
- Access to the names of several hundred wines made from a single grape (varietals) with a price indicator.
- Create a wish list.
- Total freedom to determine which of a wines more than 20 properties to appear on the first page of the app.
- Keep track of the number of wines in your collection, both by type of wine, and wine alone.

My Wine Journal, My Beer Journal and My Whisky Journal together form a trilogy of Apps
with similar appearance and behavior.