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A smart recipe scrap book, packed with kitchen tools

  • Great design
  • Create or clip recipes
  • Packed with cooking tools
  • Pantry and intelligent grocery shopping list
  • Best in class

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"Spice up your kitchen"


If you're serious about your own cooking, then Paprika is pretty much the recipe scrapbook of your digital dreams. As well as creating your own recipes, you can also snag inspiration from hundreds of websites, and easily switch between active recipes when you're in the thick of it. Paprika also offers more than a sprinkling of handy tools like timers, a feature for scaling down ingredients, a personalizable pantry, and an intelligent grocery list.


The app has a great design, making it very practical and easy to navigate when you are actually cooking, since you can quickly and easily tab between active recipes and the different sections.

Paprika not only lets you create your own recipes, but also let's you save ones you see from thousands of websites, making it immediately more practical than lots of recipes apps out there.

You can plan meals for the week, and the app boasts a pantry section and intelligent grocery list which can sync with your other devices. It's also packed with practically cooking tools, including a timer, a converter, and a feature which scales down your dishes if you want to make a recipe for less people than stated.


Looks great and is by far the best on the market.

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