Download Mirror Mirror icon


This mirror app (like any other mirror app...) uses your front facing...

Similar app: Makeup Mirror

Free 8 2.2K

8 Users
Download Otaku Camera Otaku Camera icon

Otaku Camera

Otaku Camera turns your pictures into manga-style

Similar app: Otaku

Free 5 46.6K

5 Expert
Download Transparent Screen Transparent Screen icon

Transparent Screen

Transparent Screen allow you to make the screen transparent with the c...

Similar app: Transparent Screen Easy

Free 8 4.6K

8 Users
Download Socialcam Socialcam icon


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Socialcam With over 25 million downloads, Socialcam is the...

Similar app: RealTimes (with RealPlayer)

Free 8 113.8K

8 Users
Download ntouch® Mobile ntouch® Mobile icon

ntouch® Mobile

The ntouch® app turns your Android™ smartphone or Android tablet into...

Similar app: Video Call Free Guide

Free 8.6 2.7K

8.6 Users
Download CrookCatcher - Anti Theft CrookCatcher - Anti Theft icon

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft

CrookCatcher guards your phone and tablet as a secret photographer, re...

Similar app: Thief Catcher

Free 9 10.6K

9 Users
Download LearnPad Scanner LearnPad Scanner icon

LearnPad Scanner

A derivative of ZXing's Barcode Scanner version 4.2 with support f...

Similar app: Barcode Scanner+ (Plus)

Free 8 107

8 Users
Download WireGoggles Free WireGoggles Free icon

WireGoggles Free

Displays real-time wireframe outlines of what your camera sees. Choose...

Similar app: WireGoggles

Free 8 681

8 Users
Download Selfie Camera Selfie Camera icon

Selfie Camera

This application is designed to simplify the process of photographing...

Similar app: Front Flash

Free 7 4.1K

7 Users
Download Silent Selfie Camera Silent Selfie Camera icon

Silent Selfie Camera

Silent Selfie Camera lets you take cool selfies in silence without bot...

Similar app: Silent Camera [High Quality]

Free 6 2.1K

6 Users
Download Keep Screen On Keep Screen On icon

Keep Screen On

--- Try also our new application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...

Similar app: Screen Mngr (Keep screen on)

Free 8.2 2.1K

8.2 Users
Download Wave Alarm - Alarm Clock Wave Alarm - Alarm Clock icon

Wave Alarm - Alarm Clock

Wave Alarm is not your ordinary alarm clock application. Wave Alarm is...

Similar app: Alarm mobil

Free 8.2 27.1K

8.2 Users

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