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1-800-Therapist has helped over a million individuals connect with behavioral health providers. The 1-800-Therapist voice portal enables patients to easily find and speak with board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral health therapists in their area. The www.1-800-Therapist.com website is a leading publisher of doctor-reviewed behavioral health news and video.

1-800-Therapist covers the following conditions:

Addiction News
Alcohol Addiction News
Anorexia Nervosa News
Anxiety Disorders News
Attention Deficit Disorder / ADD News
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / ADHD News
Autism Spectrum Disorder News
Binge Eating Disorder News
Bipolar Disorder News
Borderline Personality Disorder News
Bulimia Nervosa News
Child Disorders News
Dementia News
Depression News
Drug Addiction News
Eating Disorders News
Emotional Health News
Food Addiction News
Generalized Anxiety Disorder / GAD News
Mental Health News
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / OCD News
Panic Disorder News
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD News
Schizophrenia News
Sex Addiction News
Sleep Disorders News
Smoking Cessation News
Social Anxiety Disorder / SAD News
Stress News
Suicide Prevention News
Tobacco Addiction News
Traumatic Brain Injury News
Violence Prevention News

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