100 Bodybuilding Tips



100 Bodybuilding Tips Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Know!

You will discover tips like:

# Create a journal. Document your progress from day 1. Write down your current weight. Measure your body fat using a fat caliper. Take photos of your body, especially the problem areas. Compare measurements as you go along your bodybuilding efforts. This shall serve as your motivation in reaching your goals.

# Allot a day of workout to a certain muscle group. Take this schedule for example: Day 1 – chest, shoulders and triceps; Day 2 – quads, calves and abs; Day 3 – back, biceps and forearms. This enables you to give enough attention to each body part for maximum stimulation.

# To achieve and maintain flat abs, invest in a pedometer. Health studies reveal that 10,000 steps a day is beneficial to weight loss efforts and overall fitness. Over time, it burns the fat seated deeply in the belly and sculpts the abdominal muscles. A normal person walks an average of 40,000 steps a day.

Utilize These Tips to Build An Awesome Figure!

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