One of the most problamatic issues when it comes to fitness is KNOWLEDGE! Don't sit on your flabby uneducated back side, but get up and put into practice information proven to get you results.

The 24-7 Fitness Application has everything you need to build impressive muscle and loose that stubborn fat!

The App includes the following Subjects and articles:
Burn it! (Fat burning)
Fat loss myths that are stopping your progression cold
What do you mean Low-Intensity training isn't the best for fat burning?
Follow the path of MOST resistance
10 Things You can do to lose Fat without Even Trying
etc ...

Build It! (Muscle Building)
How stretching Can explode Your Muscle Growth
How to gain muscle by eating NO protein
Training on the edge - Learn How Overtraining on Purpose can get you maximum results FAST!
Training to maximise your muscle fiber types
etc ...

Feed it! (Nutrition)
The Atkins Diet - separating Fact from Fiction
Ephedra - Is it Safe and Effective?
I didn't realise how important protein was for fat loss ...
Stop wasting your protein powder!

Secret Leg, Arm, Chest and Back Training Tips
The Perfect Bench
Intensity Techniques
Things to do

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