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    Sculpting your midsection into a six-pack doesn't require special equipment. Plenty of people have achieved six-packs by combining healthy eating habits with cardiovascular and core exercises, and so can you.


    => Introduction

    => Presuppositions On Six Pack Abs

    => Having Abs Is Good For Health

    => Why Are Six Pack Abs So Elusive

    => Principle 1 - A Full 7-8 Hours Sleep

    => Principle 2 - Hydration Is A Must

    => Principle 3 - Adequate Protein

    => Principle 4 - 20 - 30 mins Cardio Exercise Everyday

    => Principle 5 - Record Your Journey

    => Principle 6 - Effective Abs Workout

    => Six Pack Workouts

    => More Abs and Chest Workout

    => Abs Yoga

    => Conclusion

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