A Facial Yoga & Facelift



Facial yoga face beauty cure offers simple facial yogic exercises to get leaner sexier and younger beautiful cutie look.

Learn these simple facial yogic exercises to get rid of face fat and agify ( age )effect with pretty and cutie face by easy natural care tips fun of learning.

More than 85 exercises to tone up all the 57 muscles of face and neck.

Facial yoga is the exercises of face based on yogic rules. workouts are classified for various parts of the face. Facial exercises help in facelift that can tone and smooth face skin.

These face exercises are designed to tone up all the 57 muscles of the face and neck that can increase blood circulation and release tension removing stress , restoring a radiant, youthful and glowing look. Exercises are illustrated with animated video, pictures, description and mediating music of your choice. Facial Yoga is your own personal trainer.

For the ease of learning face yoga workouts are classified on following specific face parts and problems.

Facial Yoga @ MUST
Sexy Lips
Chubby Cheeks
Fatty face
Forehead stretches
Neck and Throat
Mouth and Tongue
Double Chin
Face and Jaws
Wrinkle control
Face lift Yoga
Face toning
Face Massage

No need of any chemical products or beauties salon for cute and glowing celebrity like smiley cute looks. It helps in swift makeover without makeup or doctor. Facial workouts are common for male ( guys and young boys or men ) and female ( women and young girls or middle aged lady ) but do not try it with kids and during.

This app is complete bible of photo animation as visual with fitness exercise notes. Also you can tune audio of exercise notes recipes.

Start practicing in front of your mirror until you have all the movements firmly in mind. Do not do these exercises for more than 5-10 minutes a day (in any weather), more may stretch the skin. These fitness exercises are for specific areas of the face, which may or may not help your physical condition.

Application is recommended for everyone. Little conscious efforts will bring in good results. For help and suggestion contact us at support@dawnsuntech.com

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