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Health Benefits
Let’s be honest, no one would willingly sit down to a plate of beets, kale, oranges, cucumbers and lemons. Throw in a ginger root and the world goes running. Yet with the convenience of Absolutely Juicy’s offerings, the nutrition from these ingredients are compacted down into a beautiful glass of juice that’s tasty and easy to swallow. And your body starts reaping the benefits almost immediately, as opposed to the 30 minute traveling and digesting time that’s normally needed when eating.

While juicing isn’t the guarantor of perfect health, when done consistently it can certainly lead to a more enjoyable life overall. That’s one of the reasons we’re encouraged to have 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. While actually eating all the needed nutrition may be difficult, drinking it is deliciously easy.

One of the first benefits many see is weight loss. But the greatest benefits are internal – juicing can reduce your risk for heart disease and cancer, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and can enhance vision and shhh…gastrointestinal health, too.

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