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Automatic tracking: records daily walking, cycling, running, transport and more.

Use Actifit Activity Tracker and thake part in the first world competition for everybody: challenge friends, family and others all over the world in contests for walking, cycling, running, standing, transport or even sitting ;-) ! Just carry your phone in your pocket.

Now you can reach your health challenge together with others in a big community. Always find someone that you can compete with to make it more fun. In selected challenges you even can get rewards for winning!

• Health and gamification: this combination makes reaching your goals fun!
• Accurate and automatic Pedometer: advanced step counter with contests
• Set up a contest for a chosen activity to challlenge friends and colleagues!
• Chat with competitors and upload your avatar
• Automatic tracking of: Walking, running, cycling, transport, sitting and standing
• Collect "ActiPoints" - the universal currency for physical activity
• Daily and long term goals
• See the history of your life and activities
• Cockpit: Overview of steps, calories burned, ActiPoints and times for all activities

ActiFit uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to detect physical activities and to record your lifelog automatically in the background. This enables new context dependent features such as intelligent reminders and personalised tips for your health and exercise. Our goal is to deliver better insights into individual behaviour that can lead to better health and fitness.

By using the sensors and GPS of your phone, the battery can be drained more than usual. We recommend nightly charging.

ActiFit is more than a conventional pedometer. It makes challenging friends fun and is life logging the easy way: ActiFit tells you how much you move and HOW you move. It "knows" the difference between walking, running, cycling and riding in a vehicle. It can even detect standing and sitting. ActiFit counts your steps and gives you an easy way to see statistics of daily, weekly or monthly activities and moves. And because ActiFit knows HOW you move, it can calculate burned calories much better and more accurate than any other app or wearable device such as Fitbit or Fuelband. Just keep the smartphone in your pants pocket and ActiFit automatically records your life in a digital diary.

We will never disclose any user data to third parties. Your data is strictly confidential and if you use the opt-in backup functionality your data will be highly encrypted before it is transmitted to our systems (even we can not decrypt it, so be sure to remember your password).

Please note that ActiFit is still in public beta. We work hard to improve it. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome and help us a lot!

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