Advanced Power Of Yoga



Enriching your mind, body and soul with the power of yoga

Yoga has become a mainstream practice in the West, as many have discovered the holistic health benefits that have been practiced in the east for centuries.

Thousands are joining classes in Yoga each year to learn these ancient teachings.

Now you can discover these ancient teachings without parting with your hard earned money for classes.

Inside Advanced Power Of Yoga you will learn:

•LESSON I. The "I"
•LESSON II. The ego's mental tools
•LESSON III. The expansion of the self
•LESSON IV. Mental control
•LESSON V. The cultivation of attention
•LESSON VI. Cultivation of perception
•LESSON VII. The unfoldment of consciousness
•LESSON VIII. The highlands and lowlands of mind
•LESSON IX. The mental planes
•LESSON X. Sub-consciousing
•LESSON XI. Sub-conscious character building
•LESSON XII. Sub-conscious influences

A SERIES OF Lessons in Gnani Yoga (The Yoga of Wisdom.)
•LESSON I. The one
•LESSON II. Omnipresent life
•LESSON III. The creative will
•LESSON IV. The unity of life
•LESSON V. The one and the many
•LESSON VI. Within the mind of the one
•LESSON VII. Cosmic evolution
•LESSON VIII. The ascent of man
•LESSON IX. Metempsychosis
•LESSON X. Spiritual evolution
•LESSON XI. The law of karma
•LESSON XII. Occult miscellany

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