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What's your current blood alcohol level? AlcDroid Alcohol Tester - one of the most flexible and easiest bac calculator apps on Play Store.

You are on the way with friends and want to know your current blood alcohol level? You want a rough orientation when you are going to be completely sober again? With this BAC calculator you can do so intuively and quickly! The Alcomat uses the established and scientific Watson formula, taking many individual factors like age, gender, height and weight into account. The alcohol calculator even regards time and visualizes the degradation of your BAC in a line chart. Go and test your blood alcohol level now!

★ line chart
★ detailed stats (like how many grams of alcohol you consumed, how much this is in calories, when you are going to be sober again, ...)
★ supports presets for a even more fast and intuitive handling
★ flexible and almost directly usable, only little configuration necessary
★ supports different units in size, weight, drink volume etc.
★ takes many individual factors like age, gender, height and weight into account.
★ saves drinks until the next start

★★★★★ "Top - very good app! In my opinion, the best one being available on the android market! Above all, it needs only little permissions on the phone!"
★★★★☆ "Does, what it is supposed to do... in a pleasant design, little permissions and easy handling! Very nice!"
★★★★★ "Great app - I'm really sorry, that the developer has to deal with so many absurd reviews. I would give a bunch of times 5 stars, if I could..."
★★★★☆ "Good try - Gives a good clue. Most probably not completely exactly, but it certainly goes into the right direction!"
★★★★★ "Works great. Can be recommened as a guideline."

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