Alcohol Optimizer



Optimize your party experience with this little gem.

It is a BAC calculator that can help you get in CONTROL of your drinking and optimize your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) using advanced calculations for prediction.

NEVER drink too much again. You get help to stay on top of the world during all of your party escapades without loosing control. Plan your drinking and learn what effects a drink have on your BAC level. (With a bit of training you will get a better understanding on how your body reacts to alcohol - and you can optimize your experience ;-)

You can easily see when you will be sober again (note that this is an estimation - if you plan to drive add some margin to be safe).

It is all presented in a graph that makes it easy to follow.

The formulas used are the same as used by forensics to calculate the level of alcohol in the blood.

The application supports these measurement systems:

* Metric
* Imperial (UK)
* US customary units (aka. standard units or English units)

Try it out!

It's free!

A paid version is planned with no advertising and a few more features, like unlimited custom drinks and session history.

Suggestions for improvements are gratefully received! I'd really love to hear if you like it or not. Try to keep the suggestions to emails. Not in comments.

Keep drinking responsibly!

On a more general note:
I'll keep a close look at the crash-reports to fix anything that comes up as soon as possible.

Graphical symbol attribution:
"Beer" and "Wine" symbols in the app are by The Noun Project (

Don't hesitate to email suggestions!

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