All-in Pedometer +



✭✭✭ The most professional pedometer on the Android market!
✭✭✭ Accurately counts calories burned, and keeps track of distance, speed, pace, and workout time!
✭✭✭ GPS-independent! It’s ready to go when you are!
✭✭✭ Progress monitoring: built-in body tracker logs all changes in your body parameters!

• This pedometer works right out of the box, so don’t waste time changing configurations! Just get it and go!
• Just launch it, put it in your pocket, and you’re ready to go!
• Pre-configured calibration values are suitable for most people; there’s no additional calibration needed before use!

• This great app provides accurate calculation of steps, measurement of your workout duration, distance, calories burned, speed and average speed, pace and average pace!
• The Pedometer app utilizes the long-trusted technology of hardware pedometers to ensure the most accurate calculations.
• All-in Pedometer+ automatically identifies whether you’re walking, jogging or running.
• Logs a detailed workout history that you can view at any time!

• All-in Pedometer+ is GPS-independent. Indoors, outdoors: use it wherever you want!

• The daily goal feature helps you design and follow your own daily physical activity plans.
• One day at a time: defining your daily goal will increase your self-motivation and make every workout even more effective!
• With a single tap, you can share your achievements via Twitter, Facebook, or email!

• Register your body parameters on a daily basis
• Set your ideal body parameters to be shown green on the parameters chart so you can visualize how fast you’re getting the results you want!
• The body tracker automatically calculates and interprets your BMI.
• You can view a detailed history of every change in your body parameters during 7-, 30- or 90- day periods!

• Create an independent playlist to help you find your groove while you work out!
• Playback resumes automatically if the app's work is interrupted with an incoming call or message!

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