Andro Fitness Trainer



Train Like The Avengers!
By the help of AndroFitness it is so easy to workout with or without machines. You can easily do all your fitness or workout training at home when you can not go to gym.

* All exercises to work every muscle group in your body.
* All exercises shown by easy animations.
* All exercises are controlled by highly trained trainers.
* The program doesn't use internet connection or doesn't need any special right.
* All exercises are listed and grouped according to muscle groups.
* Addition to animations detailed descriptions are also added with attention notes. (see screen shot 6 - ss6)
* Stretching and warm-up exercises also added to the program with animations.
* There are two exercise programs added for beginner and for advanced trainees.

With this application you can train the below muscle groups.

* Arm and Abdominal Muscles
* Biceps
* Triceps
* Front legs
* Back Legs
* Chest
* Front Shoulder
* Back Shoulder
* Back

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