Ann Arbor Health



Ann Arbor Health is a Holistic Non-Profit patient collective.
We are a medical marijuana dispensary for qualifying patients.
Are you tired of prescription drugs and the side effects they have?
Are you ready to live a productive, healthier lifestyle?
Would you like a fresh start… today? We provide relief to serious, chronic and debilitating medical conditions that would otherwise be treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Our medical grade marijuana is a holistic, natural way to treat symptoms and help people enjoy all life has to offer. Our compassionate Doctors are now available for appointments. We pamper our patients with platinum level customer service combined with respect and dignity. Ann Arbor Health’s professional staff guides you to the appropriate medical marijuana for your specific condition. Popular strains will treat pain, cancer, depression, sleeping disorders, stress and stimulate appetite. The list of conditions with known benefits is growing. We have the answer you’ve been waiting for! Join us at Ann Arbor Health Collective!