Anti mosquito



The world's easiest app to use, you place the phone near your bed for example in the bedside table and open the app.

Play a sound. Wav to the frequency that annoys mosquitoes and not approach you, when you close the app stops emitting Sounds.

The mosquitoes will leave you alone once and for all, except your battery runs out.

Suitable for all android devices with speakers capable of reproducing a wave of frequency 17.5Hz

22/09/2012 Tested with Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) mosquito boat quiet, open app and still revving nonstop.
Great detail to keep in mind for the correct use of the app, use it with a abitacion door or window open, but the device much closer to the body.
The app will sit mosquitoes repelled by the device if you put it in a corner of the room, all closed, you on the other side ... it goes without saying that the object of the app is completely the opposite.

Apologies to those devices on which the app does not work:
Pascal Tablet BQ 1
Motorola Bench

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