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    This is a try and buy version, you can see our coach in action for a few minutes and buy the full 90 minute video when you want without extra download.

    Free yourself from stress, fatigue and tension. Discover a toolkit of relaxation remedies, a practical tool for stress handling. This is ready to use in the office or on the move.

    1h30 of pure relaxation video and music

    you want :

    To simply relax, escape from your close environment for a few minutes. Choose a zen video clip, nature landscapes (cascades, torrents, beach, ocean, etc.), with zen music and natural sounds, which will give you a sensation of freshness and well being.
    Zen clips:
    * Aqua Zen 05:13 (vidéo)
    * Zen peace 05:11 (vidéo)
    * Zen sea 05:18 (vidéo)
    * Horizons 03:31 (vidéo)

    To dream or stimulate your creativity with mandalas.
    * High peace 05:11 (vidéo)
    * Blue mandala 04:14 (vidéo)

    To have access, in a case of emergency or durable stress, to simple and effective anti stress methods, which will help you to feel calm and peaceful.
    Anti-stress methods videos :
    * Relaxation : 05:38 (vidéo)
    * Respiration : 03:37 (vidéo)
    * Yoga : 07:42 (vidéo)
    * Feet massage : 06:15 (vidéo)

    To deeply relax
    Guided Relaxation :
    * Basic principles of relaxation : 01:53 (audio)
    Practical advises for a succesfull relaxation session (audio)
    * Relaxation : 19:26
    Muscular decontraction and breathing to calm down and relax deeply

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