Arm 3D Workout sets for Girls



    Only for Females!!

    First time on Google Play store. Complete arm workout for ladies in 3D!!

    This Application is a "Female" version of workout 3D series.

    Dumbbell arm workout for is for your ease in an interactive and entertaining way. You can perform complete arm workout with just one pair of dumbbell in your home and in gym.

    Main Features:
    - A total of 8 exercises having 3 for biceps 3 for triceps and 2 for forearms.
    - All exercises are easy to perform.
    - Get in Shape and lose fat in 4 weeks.
    - Gym atmosphere with upbeat music.
    - Options to see desired exercise set at any time.

    - Just swipe your finger all over the screen to observe from any angle.

    - Perform 3 sets of each exercise.
    - Keep the repetitions from 10 to 15 in each set.
    - Rest for 45 seconds between the sets.
    - Focus on your form.
    - Keep your back straight.

    Upcoming applications of this series:
    - Shoulders
    - Abs
    - Chest
    - Back
    - Legs

    This is only demonstration. Original results may vary based on how do you perform. Consult your physician first.
    Please rate us. Your good rating will keep us providing free applications for future workouts.
    Feel free to write us an email or send us a comment. We continuously read comments to improve application further. Your feedback is important to us.

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