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    Use this app to get personalized feedback from a certified life coach and mental strength consultant. Ask a question in any of the following categories:
    (1) Career and Work - Take your career or business to the next level; overcome setbacks.
    (2) Wealth and Abundance - Attain the wealth you truly deserve.
    (3) Personal Growth - Achieve goals faster than you ever thought possible.
    (4) People and Relationships - Establish great relationships that empower you.
    (5) Health and Wellness - Develop a stronger mind, body, and spirit.
    (6) And More - Turn your dreams into reality. And if you are suffering from some type of physical pain, I may be able to help you manage or cope with it better.

    So how does this work?
    I recommend you use this app to send your question via email for a detailed response. Please include specifics and examples about your situation so I can provide a beneficial response that best fits your needs.

    If you send a question via Text (aka SMS) or without details, my response may be brief. Or I may request more information. I've worked with numerous people, delivering helpful advice after exchanging a few Question and Answer emails. Communication is key!

    Again, this is all FREE. The only questions I am not able to address are those associated with medical issues.

    Here are a few of the comments from my app users:
    "By the way, thanks for all the advice you've been giving. I can really see a difference in my life and just how I'm moving forward again in all areas." -A.B.

    "Thank you so much, I will do the exercises daily. I think you hit the nail on the head with the respect thing and I thought I was sticking up for my own self respect but I see I've actually been sabotaging it. Seriously, thank you :)" -J.L.

    "God bless you for your service to people you don't even know, you are to be commended." -J.G.

    "Thanks a lot Walter! I really owe you for your suggestion." -D.M.

    Remember, you already possess the resources within you to overcome virtually any challenge and to be successful. I'm simply acting as a guide to help you bring out those resources.

    Use this app to send me your question along with details, and let's begin your journey - one of respect, recognition, and success.

    All the best!

    Yours Truly,
    Walter Eng

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    No Medical Advice Implied or Offered: The information provided through this app is for general informational use only. Any information provided is NOT a substitute for the sound professional medical evaluation, advice, or care of your physician or other healthcare provider. You are encouraged to consult other reliable sources to confirm the information provided. Must be 18 or older to receive life coaching advice, suggestions, and recommendations.

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