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    Asthma Guide

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    *** Asthma cause and cure ***

    Today’s hectic lifestyle and busy routine are the key factors for the growing asthma symptoms in all age groups. Asthma can also be caused by environmental and genetic factors. Asthma can be relieved with home remedies but you can consult a doctor if the Asthma becomes troublesome. The Asthma Inhaler is a useful device for the person suffering from asthma attacks.

    This is ment to be the most informative app on asthma attacks and easily understandable asthma tracker for you.

    The app focus on the following key points:

    * What is Asthma and it's Types?

    * How do Asthma Attacks occur?

    * What are the common Asthma Remedies?

    * Can Asthma be treated with Homeopathy ? How..

    * Treatment of Asthma with Yoga ..

    * Asthma and Fish Oil as home remedies

    * Few Essential Asthma Informations as the use of Asthma and Air Purifiers

    * Do you know about Asthma and Hypnotherapy

    .......This asthma app can be your asthma educator....Download Now >>>>

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